Soft Spelt Loaf

Low Gluten. Can be made vegan by special request for pan greased using Coconut Oil.

The Sourdough Spelt is leavened 100% with natural  sourdough. It has a neutral toasted flavor that pairs with many things. Toasting these slices enhance the Spelt flavor immensely. It is more durable than the soft loaves making it great for toast, paninis, and grilled sandwiches.  Because of the long fermentation, the grains break down and become highly digestible. This loaf lasts a week wrapped well at room temperature, even though some prefer to store this loaf in the refrigerator. This loaf comes whole in a compostable wrapper.

Ingredients: Water, Organic Sourdough culture, Organic Bread Flour, Whole Organic Spelt Flour, Sea Salt. Pans greased with lard or coconut oil upon request.


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