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A small easy way to make healthy daily impacts, in my opinion, is through food. Food must be a part of our lives to survive so might as well start with the necessities.
Consciously sourcing what you eat can help bring health to you and generations to come. Sourcing food that is grown/ raised closest to you is not only beneficial for your body (assuming healthy growing practices were used), but it is better for the Earth, too.
Many of us have heard this with honey- that it is more beneficial to eat raw honey that was produced close to where you live versus far away because of the immune boosting qualities. Immunity is run on a microscopic level and whole foods that were raised in your environment carry microscopic bacteria that help you adapt to your environment!
The more ancient or heirloom a strain is, the more diverse and healthier it’s bacteria is.

I encourage you to grow your own food, source from your local organic markets, and support companies that have similar values as you. Small daily choices make a huge difference. Every resource you give in exchange for a good or service- let it be time or money- is a vote on what you support, if its conscious or not.

Every purchase you make from Savage Wheat Project helps land stewards that are using health-conscious practices that build our soil and ecosystem to the best of their ability, so I thank you!! Savage Wheat products are sold through farms primarily so, check a farm near you! We are currently servicing the WNY area.

People have been made out as “bad guys” when it comes to the condition of the environment, but the good news is we have the potential to make an even bigger impact
in a healing direction. You are so important! Not only does every choice of yours count, but everyone brings something special to the table-some piece of knowledge, resource, or connection. Biodiversity is the basis of life itself so I encourage you to do what you can to support it.

Light and love,

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