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About the Savage Wheat Project

The Savage Wheat Project is a multifaceted business that is striving towards Earth existence by doing its part in increasing the biodiversity of our planet. The way we are currently doing this is:

  • Increasing the supply of ancient seeds that are almost extinct. We are using only organic farming practices, including no-till practices that keep the Earth intact.
  • Providing baked goods and breakfast items that are comprised of sustainable ingredients:
    • whole organic ancient grains versus conventional wheat
    • natural sugars; honey (tested pesticide free) and maple; versus processed white sugar
    • real fats versus refined oils
  • Providing a rotating monthly menu, highlighting different grains.
  • Using packaging that is 100% biodegradable. The bags that look like plastic are made of sustainably harvested tree cellulose. Please compost your bags!
  • Supporting our local farms and beekeepers by sourcing their products to make our specialty products. 
  • Sourcing wholesale from other companies that uphold similar ethics. 

I believe it is important for healthy food to be affordable.

The menu reflects that, as the prices are established under $5/ serving.  All items available are refined oil free, conventional wheat free, and contain no white sugar. The grains are sourced 100% organically, and the other ingredients are sourced organically whenever possible. Some items, like honey are not available in certified organic-this is because there is no way to control where the bees fly and eat from. Luckily, we source from local beekeepers that have tested pesticide free honey.

Future Outlook:

Adding flour and grain production; Nature willing we will harvest 12 acres of ancient and heirloom wheat this summer. Each passing harvest will bring the ingredients closer to home.  Some of this will be ground (whole) into flour and available locally. Whole grain flour not only has a superior flavor, but it also has a superior shelf-life. This is attributed to the germ and the bran that contain nutrient dense oils. I am excited for more of this to enter the market!
Flour will be for sale in the farm markets listed above as soon as it is available. Flour will be available for the restaurant industry as well. This is first come first serve, as there is a limited supply. I encourage all patrons and restaurants to sign up via the website to help secure their personal flour market.

The driving force behind it all

The first mission of sourcing local and eating the healthiest grain as possible turned into a seed saving mission. 
I have loved, and have been slightly obsessed, with food and baking ever since a child. I love nurturing people and cooking has come naturally. Appearance, flavor, and texture were the main points I focused on throughout my career- the career that has allowed me to feed tens of thousands of people.

The focus began to expand one day in November 2016. Ten days after brushing a tick off me, I woke up and could barely walk. My legs were wobbly and in excruciating pain. I had contracted Lyme disease. After that point, each time I consumed flour or sugar I was left in crippling pain. A night of casual drinking would leave me bed ridden and a bite of sugar would leave me in pain for days. What was this food doing to me?

As soon as I found out the two main ingredients I have been consuming- white flour and white sugar- were preventing my healing, and would forever, I began to change course. This became official when the doctor’s order came in- “Never eat these foods, ever again”.

After being slightly defeated, I found a way around this. I began developing recipes I could eat. In my eyes, there was no other way. I enjoy bread/dessert/pastry way too much to just give up on it.

Now, 5 years later, I source the best ingredients for my menu- food that promotes healing. I have boycotted conventional wheat- all wheat that is not organically grown. I have also eliminated white sugar, refined oils, and harmful food dyes-for my own diet first, now for my public menu. I have added health and affordability to my standards of baking. What a perfect package now.

Through extensive research, I found out that there is only 1% of natural wheat left on Earth. I took it into my own hands to source and grow the wheat varies I desire. I needed too because we need as many strains as possible and they are fading quickly. Each strain of life adds strength to the world’s ecosystem. Biodiversity is what keeps the Earth alive. Monocropping is not only killing the Earth, but it is slowly killing us. Studies show most of many varieties of food have become extinct in the past century, and it is alarmingly scary. We are all connected, as my slogan demonstrates- “Restoring ancient strains of wheat, for a healthier Earth, for a healthier you”- and it is important to nurture all the aspects of life.

In 2019 I became connected with local organic farmers and began planting right away. The seed supply is extremely limited, so it is taking a few growing seasons to get the quantity needed to mill.

The company/project is an expression of who I am now- both as a professional chef and a female #lymewarrior that needed food for medicine. The project is also my expression of appreciation for the Earth and Earth community. I created The Savage Wheat Project after I realized that the health of our planet has a direct impact on the health of people and all living beings that are on Earth with us. It is vital to our survival to work with nature, as everything is connected. Health and biodiversity of the whole increase health and wellness of everyone, period.

I am beyond excited to share these developments with my WNY neighbors and beyond. There are a lot of people that are hurting- mentally, physically, and emotionally- and food can be a positive and fun healing option. Whole grains carry the qualities of dense nutrition, superior flavor, and increased shelf life. Maple products are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Raw honey is a superfood. Whole fats have the proper protein ratios for vitality. The benefits to eating this way go on and on.

Now, while creating my menu I am asking questions such as “Where did this ingredient come from?” “How was it grown?”, “How does it affect the body?” Several people with auto-immune issues /gluten sensitivities understand this deeply. The food we eat directly effects our health-our mental, physical, and emotional well- being and just like the slogan says, “You are what you eat!”

I take my responsibility as a chef seriously. I make food for people- the same food that gets metabolized to become part of the human body. I realize the adverse effects of my previous actions. I was hurting the people I was feeding unconsciously. After understanding the food/body relationship, I was mentally equipped to do something about it. I wanted to immediately provide food that brings health, versus inflammation. Food is meant to be pleasurable and healthy, and it still can be.

I have many testimonies, including that of a person that has not been able to eat bread in ten years and is now happily- and without pain or reactions- eating bread again. This whole heirloom grain is real wheat and real wheat acts totally different digestively than conventional wheat.

My Hopes:

furthering the movement that connects people to nature through the food that they eat. I hope that more people will learn the importance of the Earth/body relationship to understand how our food choices directly impact our own health, and environmental health.
A beautiful movement has been blossoming, inside me as well as many others. A health movement that connects Earth health with human health. One that further connects the farming industry and food industry. One that brings light to specific ingredients, such as specific wheat strains, in hopes of helping the development and furtherment of nature appreciation. I hope that people will see wheat, real wheat, and whole food, as the staff of life again.

Sincerely and gratefully,

Savage Wheat Project, LLC

PO Box 231
Holland, NY 14080

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