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“The farm” consists of several farm partners, plots of land, and strains of heirloom wheat. This is the most important piece of the project, because without the farm, the wheat has no chance of getting restored. Steve Blabac of Root Down Farm in Clarence, NY began this journey with me (pictured). Earth stewardship, restoration, sustainability, and passion trickle throughout each piece and person that is involved. Of course, only organic farming practices are used.
5 partial gallon bags of wheat seed found through The Organic Growers and Information-Sharing Network has grown to 12 acres of hope. Seeing how fast wheat can
multiply gives me a lot of hope for the future.
Some of the varieties we are restoring include Emmer, Einkorn and Spelt. These are the three true ancient heirloom varieties. They are great for pasta, bread, and baked goods, respectively. Red Fife and Turkey Red are two other strains in the ground currently and are considered heirloom varieties. Both are versatile but are extra amazing in bread.

ach variety has its own unique characteristics, another especially important reason to keep them all intact. As we continue to restore the varieties on hand, I am seeking more heirloom strains. You can rest assured that all wheat coming from the Project is from the purest strains and are raised with organic practices only.

A great piece of news about growing ancient strains is that they have thousands of years of genetic memory that help them thrive through different growing conditions. This means that they are less apt to struggle through wet, dry, windy, and infertile conditions
if the strains have been exposed to those conditions in the past. It is great to know that nature is on our side and is doing what it naturally does to keep these crops thriving.

It has been so interesting watching these strains from seed to stalk to harvest. Each strain has a story and long history behind it. Every day and every season breed new lessons and understandings. I plan on always keeping a part of the farming hands-on, to watch these beauties up close to really understand them. Much of the world has become distant with nature and it is my passion to keep the Earth/person relationship intact. Even though tractors and larger equipment are needed for the large fields, hand sowing and reaping is extremely gratifying and necessary.

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