What We Do

The Savage Wheat Project is a multifaceted business that is striving towards Earth existence by doing its part in increasing the biodiversity (aka health) of our planet. The way we are currently doing this is:

  •  Increasing the supply of ancient seeds that are almost extinct. We are using only organic farming practices, including no-till practices that keep the earth intact.
  •  Providing baked goods and breakfast items that are comprised of sustainable ingredients:
    • whole organic ancient grains versus conventional wheat
    •  natural sugars; honey (tested pesticide free) and maple; versus processed white sugar
    • real fats versus refined oils
  •  Providing a rotating monthly menu, highlighting different grains.
  •  Using packaging that is 100% biodegradable. The bags that look like plastic are made of sustainably harvested tree cellulose.
  • Supporting our local farms and beekeepers by sourcing their products to make our specialty products.
  • Sourcing wholesale from other companies that uphold similar ethics.

I believe it is important for healthy food to be affordable. My menu reflects that, as the prices are established at about $3/ serving or less.

My current outlets include teaming up with the following fellow earth stewards:

Full menu is available:

a) through delivery (limited radius),

b) pick up at Rose Forestry, and

c) pick-up at Root Down farm (summer CSA members only)

Limited items are available at:

a) Always Something Farm’s sale day market and

b) Thorpe’s Organic Family Farm store.

The “Bakery Share” delivery service I created allows members pick their weekly baskets for each Saturday. Baskets include a bread, dessert, breakfast, and snack option. All items available are refined oil free, conventional wheat free, and sugarless (containing no white sugar). The grains are sourced 100% organically, and the other ingredients are sourced organically whenever possible.
Some items, like honey are not available in certified organic-this is because there is no way to control where the bees fly and eat from. Luckily, we source from local beekeepers that have tested pesticide free honey.

Savage Wheat Project, LLC

PO Box 231
Holland, NY 14080

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