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Enjoy bread and pastry guilt free! Our rotating menu focuses on organic whole grains (our own grains coming into our menu soon), traditional fats (pastured lard/butter/olive oil), and natural sweeteners (maple syrup and raw honey). These whole foods, we feel, are good for the mind, body, spirit, and earth body. The wheat project is “restoring ancient strains of wheat, for a healthier Earth, for a healthier you”, so we support other ingredients doing the same. This means we choose ingredients of sustainable and regenerative agriculture to bring you the best product we absolutely can.
*Please note that all products come in compostable packaging, so please compost!*

Pre-Order Pickup :

Bakery Shares

The bakery share includes a discounted package of four item categories of Bread, Dessert, Breakfast, and Snack. These items are chosen by you each week you wish to order.
Orders are available Saturdays by pick-up in Holland, NY.

There are no commitments – if you do not want a share on a certain week, simply do not place an order.

We also have a few membership-only pick-up points. These include Root Down CSA and Metamorphosis Pilates.

Shop A La Carte

Separate items available per piece.

Minimum order of $30 please

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Flour Shares

The flour will be freshly milled, whole grain and organic!  If you are interested, please leave your email below to be added to our flour inquiry list. Individuals and businesses are both welcome to join! There will be limited quantities available so sign up to reserve your spot!  The flour will be coming from this season’s harvest, nature willing!

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